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2018, Poland
Private Residence

In a rural area on the outskirts of the city of Białystok, you will find this house surrounded by trees and meadows. Inspired by the typical rural architecture of the region.

Aware of the natural beauty that surrounds the place, we have chosen to develop the house as a single-story structure, adapting its height to the surrounding landscape. The volume of the house consists of two wings of different lengths, with a gable roof, but with the same width of 5.50 meters. These wings extend from north to south in parallel to the street and are connected to each other by a central volume of identical proportions, creating a cozy interior courtyard.

To make the most of the views and natural lighting, the openings of the house are strategically placed. Windows and doors are located in positions that allow enjoying the views of the surroundings and maximize the entry of natural light. In addition, cross ventilation is promoted by strategically placing openings, allowing for efficient cooling and ventilation of the interior spaces.

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