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2023, Portugal
Private Residence
Honorable Mention 
Collaboration: Matusik Studio

"Patium" is an architectural term that refers to a communal open space within a building or complex. It serves as a versatile area that encourages social interaction, relaxation, and various activities. This open-air space not only provides a sense of connectivity and community but also offers a range of benefits for the building and its occupants."

Our project is based on the idea of creating a building that thrives on these interactions, aiming to provide a more enjoyable living space. It is a place where people become both the actors and the spectators, where social relationships are integrated into everyday routines.

The core of our proposal is "the Patium" a space that originates from the street level and connects, through its different sections, all levels of the building. This space is designed to be a retreat for reflection, a place to share precious moments, and an invitation for people to fully experience and embrace this communal area.

The building, like a grand balcony, gracefully overlooks the surrounding landscape from a commanding position. It offers panoramic views that unfold before the viewer's eyes. The sinuous lines of cultivated fields stretch across undulating meadows, while mountains in the distance boast lush groves. The play of sunlight further enhances the dramatic effect, bathing the surfaces in a characteristic golden hue, akin to a picturesque painting.

By embracing the beauty of the natural surroundings, we aim to create an atmosphere that inspires and uplifts the inhabitants. The design of the building not only provides a visually striking connection to the landscape but also encourages a harmonious relationship between the built environment and nature. It is our intention to create a captivating and serene ambiance that adds value to the everyday lives of those who reside within the building.

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