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2023, Rzeszów, Poland
Public Building


     The challenge posed by the competition consists of designing a building in the most important location of Rzeszów city, the Market Square, in close proximity to the iconic Town Hall building. The architecture surrounding the Market Square encompasses a wide range of styles, from Renaissance to Baroque structures. The Town Hall stands out as a Renaissance architectural gem in the heart of the square, and its central location and impressive architecture make it an essential element of the urban composition. The main challenge is to design a building that does not overshadow the Town Hall but instead, highlights its unique features that have made it a point of reference. Additionally, it must seamlessly fit into the context and proportions of the surrounding buildings on the facade, contributing to the cohesive closure of the southern facade of the square, emphasizing the Town Hall as a freestanding element.

     To achieve this goal, the building has been designed using materials that combine solidity with lightness, employing contemporary materials present in the environment, such as stone and copper, which age gracefully over time, harmoniously blending into the surroundings. The main element of the building is a grid of columns arranged in the form of pillars, echoing the play of light and shadow created by the details of the neighboring buildings. These columns are supported on high pedestals. In contrast to the rigorous rhythm of the exterior skin, large openings accentuate the building's visual axes. Each of these non-conforming openings serves a clearly defined function. Additionally, a compact and flexible spatial layout has been designed, concentrating the building's services along the adjacent wall, freeing up the representative space and giving it a sense of spaciousness.

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