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2023, Alicante, Spain
Public Building


      Projecting a building in a location as significant for the city of Alicante as its port is undoubtedly a challenge. From the sea, the horizontality of the port enhances the city's skyline, with towers standing out as occasional landmarks, the majestic mountains as a backdrop, and crowned by the imposing presence of Santa Bárbara Castle atop Mount Benacantil, making Alicante a recognizable symbol in any postcard or photograph.

      Our proposal does not seek to compete with this iconic landmark but to complement it. The name "Jewel" is not a mere extravagance but a representation of our goal: to create architectural elements that enhance and harmonize with the surroundings, especially from the maritime perspective. Due to the location of the plot, at piers 9 and 7, the buildings will welcome all those arriving by boat, respecting the prominent role of the sea in the city's experience.

      Seen from the city, the building will almost blend with its surroundings, preceded by the buildings of the Digital District and the Panoramis Shopping Center. During the day, we aim for a homogeneous image of the ensemble through its enveloping of curved and smooth glass blocks. However, at night, the building will transform into an elegant beacon, attracting passersby with suggestive lighting.

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